Data Science v Artificial Intelligence, Complete Comparison

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First of all, you should know that both the AI and Data Science are two different terms. And you should choose the one you’re interested in. For your better understanding, We’ll summarize in short.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the way of making the computers or computer-controlled machines and software to think intelligently, in the same way as humans think. The Father of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is John McCarthy and he says it is “The science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs”.

AI machines have the capability to perform the task as per the environment. It has the very crucial ability of the ‘Learning’ and Problem Solving’ when put in the condition. Humans possess this ability naturally and it resembles the machines with Artificial Intelligence.

This is achieved by the same idea as humans think or the method they use to solve the problems in the particular conditions. It also involves the ability of machines of ‘Reasoning’, ‘Planning’ and ‘Speech Recognition’. This makes the AI a perfect technology that could make the machines work in all the Adverse and Tricky conditions. The development and research associated with Artificial Intelligence involve highly technical and specialized skills.

Data Science

Data science is the extraction of important bits of knowledge from data. It utilizes different procedures from numerous fields like arithmetic, machine learning, PC programming, factual displaying, data building and representation, design acknowledgment and learning, vulnerability demonstrating information warehousing, and distributed computing. Data Science does not really include huge data, but rather the way that data is scaling up makes huge data an imperative part of information science.

Data Science mainly comprises of Data Cleaning, Preparation and Data Analysis. It is mainly a tool or method for Big Data. Data Scientist applies the machine learning after the data cleaning for the analysis.

Machine Learning

The thing which connects data science and artificial intelligence is the branch of AI, machine learning. Machine learning uses data from past for learning.

For jobs opportunity, data science is more flexible. Then Machine Learning, and then Artificial Intelligence. If you just want to make use of machine learning then stick with Data Science. So for jobs, choose accordingly.


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