DomainRacer Review: Why We Use Domainracer For Our Blog And So Should You! ( Update: We have moved on!)

domainracer review

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Domainracer Review

So you’ve decided to make your site online after successfully completing it on localhost. Now if you have bought a domain or looking for a host then you are at the right place. We are writing a review of Domainracer. Update: Now we do not use Domainracer. We use Hostinger and would recommend you the same.

Why we are saying this is because a hosting provider can make your site grow into a brand or break it. So before choosing a hosting provider, you have to research one or more and then make a decision.

Now to make it simple for you to decide, we are sharing our experience with Domainracer. We’ve listed below some points for you to make a note of why should you choose this provider.

Loading Time:

Your site’s loading time definitely affects your business, as many of the visitors will skip your site for that site which is blazingly fast. This depends on the hosting provider most of the times. If you are looking for optimal loading speed for your site, then this is a good option.

Top Class Technical Support:

While choosing your web host, it is also essential to know about their technical support. One can never know when they need support. We had to make some conversations with the support and Domainracer has been extremely helpful. They just reply to you in some minutes. And this is the same thing that sanjivanimagazine, notdropout, and much more are saying.

Affordable Pricing:

  • If you’re planning for 3 years, you will only have to pay ~$3.37 per month.
  • For two years, ~$3.68 per month.
  • And for one year, ~$3.84 per month
  • Follow this link for more details.

 Unlimited Domain Space and Bandwidth:

Out of the plans mentioned above, all of them contains unlimited domain space and unlimited bandwidth. You can run as many sites as you want on just a single account.


So, if you want to grow your business online, you sure need a good host. Better speed, better uptime, unlimited domain space, and bandwidth. We are sure Domainracer will not get you disappointed.

So if you want to sign up, follow this link to sign up.

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