SSD vs HDD | How To Decide One Before Buying A Laptop, A Complete Guide

ssd vs hdd

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“SSD will displace HDD in coming years”- Technology Analysts in last decade. Still, as we are in 2019, here we are discussing SSD vs HDD. If we see HDD’s shipments in numbers, those are not much less compared to the last decade. Instead, they sell much more than SDD. Let’s figure out why HDD’s are not dead and what parameters you should consider before deciding one (including SSD vs HDD Speed!).

Firstly understand what they actually are. An SSD is Solid State Drive while an HDD is Hard Disk Drive. Both are storage components.

SSD vs HDD – Pricing

One of the major concern of people is about the price. People want more storage in less price. But as you are inclining towards lower price tag, the other features like speed you should not forget. Yes, SSDs are costlier than those HDDs. Sometimes for the same amount of storage, you will end up paying double the price of that of HDD.

SSD vs HDD Speed :

Speed is that parameter which defines how capable your system is. If speed is your most priority then, a use of SSD will make more sense than using an HDD. An SSD is generally four to five times faster than normal HDD. The main reason is that the HDD is mechanical drive while the SSD is a series of flash storage.

Even if you consider launching simple applications, an SSD will always outperform an HDD. Still, you need to consider the above parameter while proceeding to buy one.

Hard Disk Drive

Maximum Storage Capacity :

If you are a gamer like Pratik, obviously you will need an SSD considering factor. Yet you have to consider how much of storage space you’ll need. More the storage, more games, movies and stuff like that. So let us see how much storage can both these storage components supports.

An HDD supports a huge amount of storage as up to 10 TB. The maximum amount of storage an SSD supports is 4TB until now. Some gaming laptops now come with both SSD and HDD for storing applications as well as for storing data.

Because of the price factor, most common SSD variants are  256 GB- 500 GB.

Durability :

Most of the times everything is not perfect. The same rule applies here. SSD cells wear out over time. But keep in mind that this will take much of time and most of the people would be upgrading then.

Still, SSDs are considered to be more durable than those conventional HDDs. The HDDs are the mechanical component as mentioned earlier, so they have high chances of failure as they contain moving materials. So if you drop your laptop, there is a chance that you might lose your data or completely damage your drive. This is not the case if we consider SSDs as they do not contain moving materials even if they have a short lifespan.

Bottom-line :

Finally, let us conclude this article. If you are keen on the speed, go get an SSD. And if the storage part is more important to you and yet you do not want to spend much of money, get yourself an HDD. Also, consider the fact that you will get new SSD for a few bucks than replacing an old one with higher storage or making a change from HDD to an SSD.


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