How to create a chatbot for your site’s Facebook page using Chatfuel

how to create a chatbot

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How to create a chatbot: So, you’ve now created your website and it is getting harder for you to manage both your website and facebook page. You are getting confused about how to reply to your messages on your page at the same time managing your site. We are making it easy for you. Just follow the next steps.

Why should you use a Chatbot

  1. For auto-replying the messages in messenger which will save you time.
  2. Most people use Facebook, so it’s a better opportunity for your business to interact with people fastly.
  3. This step can get you closer to your community.
  4. Almost everyone uses a smartphone and chatbot can make it easier for them to interact with you directly.
  5. Product sharing
  6. Also, Scheduling an appointment

Before getting started with the steps, lets first understand what ‘Chatfuel’ actually is.  Well, it is a platform for building the chatbots. And chatbots are those by using which you can automatically reply to those messages on your Facebook page. By using Chatfuel you can build your own chatbot without coding. Now, let’s get started.

How to create a chatbot

  1. Open Chatfuel in your browser and click on get started for free.
  2. Now connect to your Facebook account and give permissions.
  3. Now initially, the window will contain the options on the left side as Automate, Set up AI, Broadcast and more.
  4. First of all, in Automate there are two options you’ll find on the top as ‘Welcome Message’ and ‘Default Answer’.
  5. Basically what you have to do is that just replace or/and write your own message. You may also use other blocks and/or create your own.
  6. Another advantage of Chatfuel is that it gives the option as ‘Set up AI’ where you can decide what answers your bot should give a particular input.
  7. Finally, you can use configure to publish the chatbot that you created just now.
  8. Note that to help you out, there’s an option in the dashboard to refer the other templates.

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