Machine Learning: An Evolving Trend

machine learning trends

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Have you ever experienced a situation where the things which you can’t perfectly think or understand but wants to be done by the computer? Here is where machine learning comes into the picture. But first of all, What is Machine Learning? And what are some machine learning trends in 2020?

Machine learning is the most trending buzzword around. So are its wonderful features and it deserves to be the trending one.

As per the word, the machine learning seems to be like learning from the machine itself or programming for the machine but it is not how the machine learning is.

Machine learning in simple terms can be defined as :
“ A program that teaches the computer to be programmed itself without the explicit need of describing how to perform and achieve a specific task”.

Machine Learning takes into consideration the set of previous examples being used in order to achieve a specific task.

machine learning trends

What is Machine Learning: Basic Concept

Let’s elaborate the concept with an example which can be easily understood:

Consider an example, the task of teaching students how to identify different kinds of birds. It’s quite impossible to describe each bird with all its specific characteristics like, while explaining them about a peacock, it’s not always possible to describe it with its brilliant colors, it’s long feathers, all of its feathers stick straight up behind him, revealing a fan-shaped semi-circle with the colors filled with yellow, blue and green. It seems so much confusing and vast as well.

So the best way is to teach them through the pictures which will make them understand more clearly and will be able to easily differentiate between others. So is the concept of Machine Learning.

The algorithm will use these samples (a bunch of labeled pictures for e.g. this picture is a crow, this picture is a parrot, etc) to identify the specific characteristics that differentiate one bird from the other and with this information it will write its own program to achieve the task of identifying birds.

Of course, it would be impossible for us to program someone for something to do, only because we don’t know how it’s to be done. Similarly, a computer which is programmed through an ML Algorithm could learn to do this within a few minutes. This is the reason why these algorithms are in vast use in today’s era.
Therefore, ML is the way to make computers learn how to perform complex tasks which even humans also can’t process so easily.


There were many ML Algorithms already developed. But recently due to the huge computing power obtained with the huge data being processed. There are many ML algorithms designed to achieve the purpose but the most popular one is neural networks.

Machine Learning Trends in 2020:

  • 1. Voice Recognition
  • 2. Image Recognition
  • 3. Video Surveillance
  • 4. Search Engine Optimization
  • 5. Prediction
  • 6. Social Media services

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